Archive Information

Guidance sheets from the 1978 Act have been placed here for information only. The material is not currently in use.

The information will remain on this website archive for a limited time and must not be relied on when making dam safety decisions.

Dams Safety Committee 1978 Guidance Sheets

DSC1A DSC Background, Functions and Operations
DSC1B Background to DSC Risk Policy Context
DSC2A Dam Safety Management System (SMS)
DSC2B Documentation and Information Flow over Dam Life Cycle
DSC2C Surveillance Reports for Dams
DSC2D Demonstration of Safety for Dams
DSC2E Some Legal Considerations for Dam Owners
DSC2F Operation and Maintenance for Dams
DSC2G Emergency Management for Dams
DSC2H Dam Security
DSC2I Community Consultation and Communication (CC&C)

DSC3A Consequence Categories for Dams
DSC3B Acceptable Flood Capacity for Dams
DSC3C Acceptable Earthquake Capacity for Dams
DSC3D Reliability of Spillway Flow Control Systems
DSC3E Flood Retarding Basins
DSC3F Tailings Dams
DSC3G General Dam Safety Considerations

Dams Safety Committee 1978 Forms

D1 Basic Data Form for dams
D2 Notice of intention to design or modify a dam
D3 Notice of intention to construct a dam
D4 Notice of completion of construction of a new or modified dam
D5 Surveillance Report Type 3
D6 Flood Security Status Form
D8 Dam Owners Address Form
D9 Construction Certificate
D12 Status of Safety Management System Reporting Form
D15 Requirements for Surveillance Reports
D17 Checklist for Formulating Dam Safety Emergency Plans (DSEPs)
D19 Tailings Dam – Intermediate Report Requirements