Dams Safety NSW releases 2020-2021 Strategic Plan

Dams Safety NSW has released its Strategic Plan 2020-2021, which sets the direction for Dams Safety NSW for the transition period under the legislation, and sets out the longer term strategic outcomes the regulator will focus on to achieve its vision of safe dams for NSW.

One of Dams Safety NSW’s key focus areas will be to enable and support owners of declared dams to understand and fulfil their safety obligations under the Dams Safety Act 2015 and Dams Safety Regulation 2019.

In line with the strategic plan, Dams Safety NSW has already begun contacting all owners of declared dams to raise awareness of new requirements to ensure that they are managing safety risks.

We also want dam owners to know that our team is here to help and provide any advice and guidance that they may require. Dam owners can call us on (02) 9842 8073 or email us at info@damsafety.nsw.gov.au.