Policies and Guidelines

The following policies and guidelines set out how Dams Safety NSW operates.

Regulatory policy

Dams Safety NSW seeks to build community confidence as a trusted, credible, effective, efficient, transparent and accountable regulator. The regulatory policy’s objective is to ensure that administration of the dams safety legislation achieves those aims.

The regulatory policy sets out how Dams Safety NSW administers the legislation so that declared dam owners manage risks appropriately and achieve compliance.

Dams Safety NSW will apply the policy to establish best practice approaches to effectively and efficiently achieve regulatory outcomes.

The policy adopts an outcomes-focused and risk-based regulatory approach that aligns with the requirements of the NSW Quality Regulatory Services Initiative.

Download Dams Safety Regulatory Policy

Dams safety guidelines

Dams Safety NSW publishes guidelines to help declared dam owners comply with the requirements of the Dams Safety Act 2015 and regulation.

As they are intended to be an aid to industry compliance, the guidelines themselves do not contain compulsory requirements and compliance with the dam safety legislation may be achieved by adopting other methods if they fit better with a declared dam owner’s systems.

Guideline topicDate published
Mining near declared damsJune 2020
Emergency PlansSeptember 2020
Operations and maintenance plansOctober 2020
Dam Safety Management SystemsMarch 2021

Have your say on draft guidelines

Dams Safety NSW will be publishing further guidelines to replace the guidance sheets that were developed by the former Dams Safety Committee (DSC).

Note: the material in DSC guidance sheets has been published on this website on the basis that dam owners may refer to their contents for guidance on particular topics before Dams Safety NSW publishes a guideline on the topic. If any information in a DSC guidance sheet disagrees with the new legislation, the Act or regulation requirements take precedence.

Draft guidelines available for comment are listed here.

Dams safety methodologies

The regulation refers to methodologies that must be used for:

  1. calculating societal and individual risk rating for a declared dam
  2. assessing and determining a declared dam’s consequence category.

Download the Dams Safety NSW societal and individual risk rating methodology and the Dams Safety NSW consequence category assessment and determination methodology.